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Inverter and batteries LiHOME – FAAM

Energheia is the official distributor of the FAAM LiHOME line.
Photovoltaic panels produce the maximum amount of energy during the day, when consumption is usually lowest (because most users are away from home at that time).
Conversely, in the morning and in the evening, consumption is higher.
Li-Home makes energy available where and when it is needed: an energy “reservoir” is a must for increasing self-consumption and energy self-sufficiency, in fact it solves the problem of the cyclicality and unpredictability of renewables.
Our system can be sized in a modular way, for different uses, and can store from 5 up to 35 kWh according to your needs.

The advantages

  • Performance, Reliability: Li-Home provides reliability for your home with its efficiency and longevity.
  • Compact dimensions: Allows it to be positioned wherever you want, both inside and outside the home.

  • Expandable: The capacity of the Li-Home can be increased according to your needs.
  • Safe: Li-Home’s safety is proven in the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) markets by FAAM tests
  • Degree of protection: IP65 inverter
  • Overvoltage Control;
  • Undervoltage Control;
  • Overtemperature Control;
  • MODBUS RS-485 communication;
  • Wi-Fi communication via a proprietary
  • App on IOS or Android (upon request);
  • CAN Bus 2.0 communication for the BMS;
  • Pre-charge system;
  • High number of life cycles (> 4000 cycles);
  • Energy saving (efficiency > 98%);
  • High energy and power density;
  • Zero emissions;
  • Battery protection degree IP 54
  • Batteries made in Italy

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